Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University

Liz in 2018

I’m interested in the intersection of writing, culture, and technology.

How do we cite in web content, and how do those citation practices affect the way we argue? How does discourse differ in far-left and far-right wing web publications? How are we limited by the language we use to talk about technological obsolescence?

I’m Director of First-Year Writing and an Assistant Professor of English writing and rhetoric at Arkansas State University. I teach classes including composition, advanced composition, composition theory, digital writing, technical writing, and business writing. I’m also an Associate Editor with Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, where I copyedit pre-production webtexts.

Outside of academia, I have written web copy, blog posts, and marketing materials for a range of companies. I wrote professionally full-time for a year with the technology repair company iFixit, where I co-wrote with and occasionally ghostwrote for the CEO, including editorials published in Wired, The Atlantic, and Business Insider.

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