Arkansas State University

Recent Research

"What a Waste: Why Obsolescence Is the Wrong Lens for E-Waste," Trace: A Journal of Writing, Media, and Ecology, Issue 4, March 2020

"COVID-19 as Metaphor: Fighting the Virus of Racism, Becoming the Vaccine,"
to be published in Pandemic Rhetorics, eds. John Pollock and Douglas Vakoch, forthcoming early 2021

"Lacking Time, Not Tutorials: English Faculty and Graduate Students Detail Multimodal Pedagogy in the COVID-19 Spring" [preprint draft], to be published in Professionalizing Multimodal Composition, eds. Shyam Pandey and Santosh Khadka, forthcoming 2021

Sample Data Visualization from "Lacking Time, Not Tutorials," a study of faculty and graduate student preparedness for multimodal composing. Faculty report more experience than graduate students with multimodal composing across the board. Disparity in multimodal composing for fun (which graduate students report only in blogs and image collages) is especially striking.

Academic Online Writing

"'Being Speaks Always and Everywhere throughout Language,'" Humanities in Transition, Critical Theory Special Issue July 2020

"Complicit Performance: Police Profiling, the Board Game," In Medias Res: A Media Commons Project, January 2019

"Draftback to the Future: A Tool for Writing Process Analysis in Upper-Level Introduction to Writing Studies," Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, Fall 2018

Instructor Reflection for Nikki Gordon's "Open the Box," Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects, 10.1, Fall 2020


Associate Editor, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy

Lead and Founding Editor, Notes from the Search Bar, a digital humanities research summary publication

Editor, Pack Prints: Composition I & Pack Prints: Composition II, 3rd Edition & online content

Poetry Publications

"how to wash your hands," The Quaranzine: Poetry in the Time of COVID-19, August 2020

"boil rice, braise greens, fry chicken," Fearsome Critters Volume 3, July 2020

"Todestriebe," The Waggle Issue 7, Summer 2018

"Ubi Sunt," Cicada Volume 12, No. 3, 2010

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